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All items can be created in custom dimensions. 
Please email to commission a custom piece.

Framed Weaving


The custom weaving process:


Weavings can be created with hair from your horse's mane or tail. I will guide you on how much hair is needed for the piece based on the size you would like the weaving to be.

Hair from multiple horses can be woven into one piece as well. 

Once a size is established we will discuss the design and I will provide sketches for your custom weaving. You can then select from a variety of handmade frame styles.

After all details are finalized, a deposit and your horsehair can be mailed to my weaving studio. Once the weaving is complete it will be framed and then sent back to you! 


Please reach out in regard to custom sizes. 


Weaving with hair from Wizard's mane

WIZARD and Elisabet Ehrnrooth.jpg

"Wizard" - Dressage horse

horse left.JPG

Horse Sculpture


Horse sculpture cast in white brass.

Mane hair works best for this piece (since it is usually finer than tail hair).


Once the sculpture is cast and polished, your horsehair will be placed into the mane and tail.

* Horsehair required for this piece:

Mane hair a few inches long

2" x 2" x 3/4"

Tassel on bag.jpg

Small Horsehair Tassel


Horsehair wrapped in linen cord and finished with hand stiched leather (leather options are black or brown) with brass clip.

This tassel can be clipped onto keys or bags.

*Horsehair required for this piece: 

Tail hair minimum 15" long. 

7" x 1.5"

AK Tassel .jpg

XL Horsehair Tassel


Horsehair wrapped in linen cord and finished with hand-stiched leather (leather options are black or brown). 

This tassel can be hung on a wall or sit on a coffee table/ bookshelf.

*Horsehair required for this piece: 

Tail hair minimum 30" long. 

15" x 3"

chair detail 1.jpg



Two horsehair tassels are joined together with oiled split rein leather and tied using western bridle knots.

20” x 5”


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